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Refund Request MaverickGoth


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Your Name: MaverickGoth
Item Name + Amount: 1 chunk loader spot, not the physical chunk loader but the in game mechanics one. 

Coordinates: I don't know where in the MystCraft world it was but Friday I lost one in a MystCraft world. 
Description of Issue: I removed all my chunk loaders from my base to position my 18 that I have purchased. But

I was unable to find or recover all of them.  1 is missing "No Yellow mark in the sky 'f9".  I can only assume the game

still thinks I have one on that MystCraft World.   This is not the only reason for this post.  I also need a Moderator or

Higher help because AOD asked me to open my borders so they could claim closer, and now I've been land locked by

single claims that should not of been allowed to be placed.  I will ask the player's politely to remove the claims, but with

the greifing that has been going on, on this server I find it highly unlikely any of them are moving without a fight.  Please

let me know on both of these issues what if any thing I can do to assist.  Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely MaverickGoth
Screenshots (Optional): 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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