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SkyFactory 4 Server updated to modpack version 4.0.2!

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Server address:  sf4.craftersland.net


We got an update on our new SkyFactory 4 server, it's mod pack version 4.0.2, not a very big update just some fixes. We are still working on fixing some bugs at the moment.



  • Updated 15 mods.
  • Updated almost all configs.
  • Updated scripts and libraries.


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official Change log:


Bug Fixes:
* Hide Certus Quartz
* Fix dirty dust processing recipes giving wrong dust output
* Fix Steel block -> Ingot -> Nugget crafting recipes giving wrong output
* Fix Metallurgic Infuser steel recipe giving wrong steel dust output
* Fix Cyclic Auto Crafter not crafting staged items/recipes
* Removed guide book from Cyclic to avoid confusion
* Fix Acacia sapling recipe water cost in cauldron being inconsistent
* Fix Compact Sky's SF4 Advancement Tab's completion advancement requiring hidden advancements
* Fix Squid Lilly recipe to use a water bottle
* Adjust Parabox advancement wording to clarify that it is now 10 minutes per loop
* Change "Nap Time" advancement to require the player to right click instead of sleep in the bed.
* Add Matter Overdrive Inscriber to carryon blacklist
* Fix "Chill Out" and "Seven Seas" world having a void nether
* Prevent various exploits involving the BDS&M oredict upgrade
* Fix mulch Prestige point cost and descriptions
* Allow seared alloy tank & heaters to complete "I'll be your Alloy" and "Getting Warmer"
* Blacklist problematic mods from Real Filing Cabinet's mob folder
* Allow Liquid Experience to be used in Soul Sand casting recipe
* Fix Porcelain Clay uncrafting recipe dupe
* Fix dusts not meltable in tinkers' melter
* Fix Quartz's packager recipe being inconsistent with its crafting recipe
* Fix pacifist runs being unable to complete SF4 Advancement tab
* Fix "ObservaTree" world being unable to complete SF4 Advancement tab
* Fix typo in tutorial/craftingstation advancement description
* Disable Game Stages debug log output - no longer print message when saving player state.
* Blacklist slab machines and compound slab machines from carryon
* No longer require unobtainable Aluminum to get Everyday I'm Trufflin
* Age of Exploration Completionist advancement can now be completed on Lost Cities when Prestige is disabled
* Fix hiding of the Ardite and Cobalt advancements in worlds where they cannot be obtained


* Allow for Animal Crop seeds to be craftable in any column
* Put SkyFactory Tutorial towards the top of the page
* Changed 9x9x9 Compact Machine advancement to require Chrous Fruit instead of Resonant Clathrate in Compact Machines world preset
* Changed 13x13x13 Compact Machine advancements to require a Dragon's Head and a bottle of Dragon's Breath instead of Chorus Fruit and elytra
* Allow for Compact Machine worlds' advancements to be completed in any order
* Create Chorus recipe using apples and purple slime in a cauldron
* Improve descriptoins of hardcore advancements
* Add additional hardcore advancements to clarify the use of Sync
* Rename "Nap Time" criteria name
* Added tip to encourage players to become spider man


Mod Additions:
* Squeezer Patch (1.1.0)


Mod Updates:
* Advancement Book (1.0.2 -> 1.0.3)
* Barrels Drums Storage & More (0.0.19 -> 0.0.21)
* ComPatchedStorage (1.3.0 -> 1.4.0)
* Cyclic (1.19.3 -> 1.19.4)
* Mekanism ( ->
* Mystcraft ( ->
* Pickle Tweaks (2.1.2 -> 2.1.3)
* Prestige (1.1.44 -> 1.1.51)
* Real Filing Cabinet (0.1.83 -> 0.1.84)
* Simple Storage Network (1.7.2 -> 1.7.3)
* Smooth Font (2.0-alpha-9 -> 2.0-alpha-11)
* Together Forever (1.0.11-20 -> 1.0.12-22)
* Topography (1.4.5 -> 1.5.1)


Build your sky factory!



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