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Inventory Rollback Request


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Your Name:  MedievalNinja6
Coordinates:  -3578 9 -3559 (within 5 blocks of those coordinates)
Time/Date (day/month/year):  6/17/19 at 9:35 pm
Description of Issue:  I broke one of my gravestones and all of my items dropped and immediately disappeared. I did not get a single item from them, but I saw all of them drop.

I would greatly appreciate a rollback and I thank you in advance!

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I apologize but it appears that we do not have a backup available, the last one was 8 hours ago, and you are not in the system so I imagine you have joined in between this period?
So i believe the only way we can help is via a Refund Request.
If you could make a either a new topic or a post below following this template we will refund you anything that was lost.


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It'll be fine. I joined about a week ago but i didn't make an account (for the forums) until this post. Either way I didn't have anything I can't get back with a little grind session. I didn't know I needed to be in the system. Also, I've never seen a death tablet when I died. Where should I see it? Also this is on the FTB Revelation server. I don't think death tablets exist.

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Your Name: MedievalNinja6
Item Name + Amount: 

1 Full set of end steel armor (Ender Plate, Ender Helm, Ender Leggings, Ender Boots) with empowered III

1 end steel pickaxe (Ender Pickaxe) with spoon and empowered III and enchanted with efficiency V

1 The Ender (end steel sword) with travel, direct, and empowered III

1 Diamond Backpack

1 Angel Ring

1 Emeradic AIOT

I don't care about the other items, they were pretty trivial tbh.
Coordinates (format x, y, z):  same as previous post
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: didn't get one
Description of Issue:  again, all my items were bugged out and vanished upon breaking the gravestone
Screenshots (Optional): 

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