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FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 server wipe in september 2019? Opinions welcome!

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Hey fellow crafters,

From what I've understood it's customary for servers to be wiped every 6-8 months. The last server wipe happened at the start of February 2019, which would make the 1.7.10 server now about 7 months old. There have been some people mentioning lag / unplayability (which can of course stem from a large variety of reasons, not just the content in the world). It's of course a drastic move and takes quite some work from staff, but I for one would LOVE to see all those fancy shmancy endgame geared players with shiny moon-bases pulled back down to play in the mud with peasants like me. For reals though, destruction is part of the creative process, and this is a creative game.

I'd like to gather some info, how 1.7.10 players feel about wiping or not. Share your (constructive) comments below!

#votewipe or #votekeep

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