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[unban] [PRAIM]

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[1] Username in the game:

[2] Details of the situation:

while I was at the farm of skeleton experience of the 20170813 account an invisible player began to attack me for that reason I disconnected and when I tried to re-enter to see if I was no longer left with being banned (the 20170813 account is from a friend I still lend it to the school to start a game in minecraft while searching for a name with which I can enter the server)

[3] Prohibition category:

they gave me ban for no reason

[4] Duration of the ban:

4 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes

[5] Staff member:


[6] Screenshots:


[7] Your reason:

I would like to play again normally (I am in an internet booth)

Captura de pantalla (1).png

Edited by PRAIM
I need information

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First of all, I'm sorry for replaying this late.

I was watching 20170813 behavior in GMSP. He had a ilegal potion. He (you) was killing joadr in xTayxon house. The potion gave you and incredible strength effect, killing with only hiting once. Also he was jumping higher than normal. Considering the account 20170813 do not own a rank (that mean that he wasn't allowed fly)


After 20170813 was banned I decided to investigate his house, were he had dupped items and 5 more of this potions. I also checked the 20170813's ip and it matched PRAIM's and MUERETE's ip. Surprisingly, after that 20170813 was banned you "PRAIM" connected inmediately. I decided to search your sethome and you had more of the same potions hidding in an underground white shulker.


So, both of the acccount had the same items (illegal). Praim was banned for ban evading 20170813.

unban request denied. 


I wont close the post yet, waiting a new reply from you.

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