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Top Voter Winners | October 2019

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Congratulations to all winners this month!!

Thank you everyone for voting for our servers. The list is getting larger and larger as we expand out community. It is lovely to see so many players occupying all our servers and voting for them.

This month, we released a new server, RLCraft. As it was released as a Halloween special (It was released on the 31st), there will be no top voter for October (Everyone had 1 vote ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ). Votes will be counted for the following months!

Congratulations to cabalmaster for his 10th consecutive time as a Top Voter! There was a little scare a couple months ago, but it seems like you've held you position steadily.

Congratulations to Papikus_, Undertakerin and iiTzArismaltor_ on their 4th consecutive time as a Top Voter! We are happy to see you are still playing on our server(s) and voting for us!

Congratulations to haf404 on his/her 3rd consecutive time as a Top Voter! I hope to see the enthusiastic voting again in the future!

I am happy to see so many people voting for our servers. I am overjoyed that these players are enjoying our servers and are voting on a regular basis! Keep up the good voting! I look forward to seeing the November top voters!


The October Top Voters are:

Tekkit: cabalmaster
Skyfactory 2.5: Papikus_
Skyfactory 3: GoldenFoxGamer, joe64
Skyfactory 4: Undertakerin
Sky Adventures: MTRPPL
DireWolf20 1.12: DailyDose
DireWolf20 1.7: LastDawn_0
Revelations: matticus_1181
Infinity Evolved: smoochieface
Continuum: haf404
Stoneblock 2: DOT308
Interactions: Hydrophiinae
Ultimate Reloaded: triumph_100, Apache7x
OmniFactory: Skarniginin
DDSS: TheMoneyMaker, Fezyx
Network: iiTzArismaltor_

On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!!

Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter!

Rank will be given after this post. If there are any problems please reply with a mention or message me directly.


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