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Monthly Top Voter Rank. Rise above them all!

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Monthly Top Voter rank!

It's about time we bring this back, but on a much larger scale. This used to be a thing years ago but it was slowly left out due to new projects taking up most of the past administration group's time. So what's this entire shenanigan about? Well I'm glad you asked, continue reading. I will divide this post into two sections. The first part will cover the condition needed to gain the rank and how the rank will actually look in-game. The second portion will cover all the commands and goodies you will be rewarded. Have fun reading!



There is only one condition to get this rank. No second, no third, no technicalities, no loopholes. Be the person who has voted the most in the server for the entire month. That's it. I will count the votes at the end of the month and the people who have voted the most in their respective servers will get their rank on the server. There is just one thing you guys need to know, there will only be 1 Top Voter of the Month on the server, meaning that if you want to keep your Top Voter rank, you have to keep on being the #1 voter in the upcoming months. If you can't keep up then your rank will automatically expire after 1 month has passed so best of luck! This was done to keep giving every player a fair chance each month on having this rank and personally, I think this rank is the best choice for those who can't afford to be a donator. Anywho here's how the prefix looks :].



When becoming the TopVoter of the server, you will be granted with the following permissions:

$50,000 cash
10 Legendary Keys
30 Vote Keys
/speed (Both Fly and Walk)
/bal others
/enderchest others
Use colours in chat, message, nicknames and signs
Use styles in chat, message, nicknames and signs
Keep XP on death

NOTE: /fly and /speed are disabled in network minigames. /firework does not work in SF3, Revelations and DW1.12

NOTE: Do /vote in your servers to see the vote links of the server. Each vote link resets every ~22-24 hours

NOTE: You can also check out the vote links over here https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28149-voting-links/

This isn't related to the Conditions part but I am always open for suggestions. Feel free to either reply down below or message me in discord. May the best voter win. Become unstoppable, don't hesitate to vote, show everyone else what you're capable of!!


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