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Server Wipe Vote?

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We noticed the server has been really laggy and there a are a lot of new people, including me, that want to start up on this server.  One of the GM's suggested we bring it to the vote on the forums I don't know how to set up a vote!  But I am creating this post to hopefully get one going.  I would like to know what the plan is for this server as if it continues to be this laggy I think we are going to be playing somewhere else.

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I vote for a vote on the mapwipe too!?


New chances, new opportunities. And above all: less lag and restarts!

I've heard mixed reactions so far, most current regulars seem in favor though. A vote will tell it!

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The problem with lag is not the age of the map but players being careless with their creations. A wipe will not change that.

Other than that I consider voting for wipes to be a dangerous thing. New players will always opt for a wipe because they have nothing to loose, while mid-game players will always opt against it, because they are just half-way there. I'd rather like to see a different approach: reset town chunks +3 radius if the owner has not logged in for over a month, and wipe other dimensions on a random schedule (but always at the same time of the day).

The later would prevent players from setting up massively lagging setups in e.g. the mining world as we have it now. Yesterday we found a 12x12 quarry hole that was lagging like hell and that thing persisted there for weeks.

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