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Server account protection.


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Hey guys, I hope you are doing well.

Regarding to last incidents of account breaching, I was thinking on best way to protect accounts, and I came with idea of 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).

What does it mean?

When person is entering server, besides entering his login password, he will gonna have enter unical on time use authentication code that he could receive by email or any other way.

How its could work?

When person enter in server, he needs to enter his password to login, and besides that, after entering password, player will need to enter unical authentication code that could be used on one time and could be received my email or any other sort of communication way.

When he finish playing and comes back after some time, he will be requested to enter password and 2FA again (Next time 2FA should be other code), etc.

Soo every time player logs in, he/she will be requested to enter 2FA code.

Will it work?

As I know for now, they only breaching into craftersland server accounts, and not email accounts etc, soo 2FA will prevent them to enter cause they will no be able to receive 2FA, cause only owner of account will receive 2FA code.

This option can be optinal for player, who wants can set it and who don't wants does not have to set.


Please tell what you think about it in comments.

(And please, do not suggest me to just make server password "stronger", it is and was already strong enough)

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