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General question regarding Rule #2


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Tl;dr at bottom.

Rule #2 states simply:

[2] No Bug Abuse/exploiting Bugs:

  • 1st offense = 3 days ban.
  • 2nd offense = 5 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 7 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 10 days ban.

Includes but is not limited to bypassing any punishment, glitching, HB or smoke in spawn etc. Also includes bypass of punishment, except ban

Now thats is very informative but vague at the same time (imo). But where does the line go? What, in the eyes of the CL moderators and admins, counts as a bug/exploit?

Imagine a scenario like this: A player is trying to build a very large base, and has decided on a palette consisting of Iron blocks and green concrete . Now because of the sheer size of the players planned base he is going to need a metric %&#¤ton of resources. The simple solution? Automatic farms.

An iron farm is very interesting because it technically "abuses" a bug/exploit/glitch to spawn tons of iron golems, who are subsequently slaughtered. What originally used to be a game mechanic used in large villages is now used to farm large amounts of iron. Is this then technically a "bug abuse"?

Concrete isnt a very farm-able block, so to speak, but nonetheless certain machines have been designed and tested that ease this process. Tnt duplicators, who utilize a glitch to dupe a singular block of tnt, raining it down on the unsuspecting concrete blocks below. This is obviously a straight up violation of rule #2, although i suppose you can replace the duplicator with a dispenser, but this gets very expensive. Though even if you somehow solve all of the above concrete machines troubles, you still need to actually make the green concrete. This means you need tons of cacti for all the green dye. Fastest way of achieveing this? Zero-Tick farms.

A zero tick farm works somewhat like this: "Sugarcane has 16 growth stages and bamboo has 8 which are normally randomly incremented based on the random tickspeed. When you push the block beneath the plant at 0 ticks, it stays in the same place but forces it to increment the growth stage counter. There are also 2 pistons on each side to cause the 0 tick effect. This machine works incredibly fast making the bamboo or sugarcane grow fast"

Yet again an example of using something easily achievable ingame (zero tick pulses) or a game mechanic to speed up an ingame process. Is this an exploit/bug/glitch? 

Im gonna assume the ridiculously large amounts of xp generated by the easily fuelable furnaces used in the cacti-smelting is allowed since brunyman himself linked a video in Tutorials showing off how you can make a furnace xp farm, utilizing the fact that furnaces give xp for smelting items and the other fact that hoppers can feed and empty furnaces of their contents, so absurd amounts of xp can build upp and collected afterwards, using multiple furnaces. This can be done ad infinitum.

Tl;dr :

Can you make autofarms, super furnaces, zero tick farms, and other miscellaneous machines that use game mechanics for everything BUT their intended purpose? Limiting playstyles kinda removes bits of the sandbox element from the game.


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Hello. From my point of view when the rule says "[2] No Bug Abuse/exploiting Bugs: "  It refers to when server errors, such as store bugs, villagers, warps, items, gamemode creative bugs etc... And because of each warning, every punishment imposed if the player continues to take advantage of the bugs is increasing the punishment

"Regarding the "Farms" constructions" : Constructions are allowed as they are not held as an error "According to what I understand" They are allowed as long as there is a tolerance of species between them, as obviously if you do many farms


-Iron farm

-Experience farm

-Farm of the crops etc..

That is why as far as I know and understand farms are allowed as long as there is the tolerance of space between them so that it does not generate lag to the server and can be well, that is the only "Detail" to call it... The real problem and for which it applies is the one by which I already tell you about server errors and abuse them

I do not know if this is helpful to you but it is the answer that resembles your question.. Anyway this is a general discussion and any other of my colleagues can give you the information more so that you understand it  :D 

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