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clear entities deleted all my items as i was doing /back 2 witnesses saw

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Your Name: DiabeetusFetus
Coordinates: not sure did /home because i had very little
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:10 MDT 5/5/20
Description of Issue: i died and i did /back and clear entities deleted my fairy ring and all my items on the ground i have screenies and banana and cpt saw it. after looking at chat i think cpt acidentally one shot me im not sure what happened but no one got my items data save cleared them out me cpt and banana killed a revonant together and where looking at a dragon i would have done /back and gotten my items back if it wasnt for data save. i even have another screenie where banana says not to pick up my stuff so i can come get it back if you dont believe me but we where all getting along and it must have been accidental 1 shot.
Screenshots (Optional):2020-05-05_22_14_52.thumb.png.f333ca8f897de740d2460d21a0634746.png2020-05-05_22_14.53_2.thumb.png.3c4404affdcfd62498b4a9fb0f7ad8bb.png

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