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[Refund Request] Lookchub


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Your Name: Lookchub

Item Name + Amount: 2 Attuned Celestial Crystals (Both are size 900, purity 100, and cutting 100) attuned to Horologium. Please return items to inventory

Coordinates: Lost at -30, 218, 3514

Description: I started to attune 2 celestial crystal to Horologium in the attunement altar. However, while the attunement process was ongoing, the server restarted. After which, when I logged back on about ~30 minutes later, the crystals were not on the altar anymore. P.S. Why is my luck so bad with lag clear and the server. ?

Screenshot: image.thumb.png.3c2e6dc74fd6a64ebfd62261eb765905.png

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