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[RLCraft] Refund request

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Your Name: _HungryPumpkin_
Coordinates: -3677, 73, -3774
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10am/Europe/7th June
Description of Issue: I was getting my sword from chest when server kicked me cuz restart. I know i shoul be ready but i just wanted prevent any of my good stuff despawn. And when i join back my weapon wasn´t in my inv or in chest. It was iced halberg with upgraded potentials education 3 critical strike 4 upgraded potentials, supreme sharp 5 adv mending lifesteal 4 arc slash 3 subject p e 5 penetration 5 fire aspect 2 adv looting 3 atomic deconstructor 2 vampirism 2. Thx

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