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complaint about asdkajna


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Title: complaint about asdkajna (stealing/griefing)

In-Game Nickname: googoobot21



Time and date:6/16/2020 time was about 8 or 7 pm u.s. time



Description of what happened: so i had just moved into a player property (asdkajna's property) with his permission. And after i had moved all my belongis i trusted him to my claim. I later joined back 2 days later and noticed i couldn't access my items because asdkajna had taken over my claim and kicked me out. I dont get how this is possible since i made the claim and trusted him to it.  pls help all my items are in that claim and I cant progress in rlcraft without them.



Screenshots or Proof: i cant post any photos since the server that it happened on is down.



List of eyewitnesses: server is down so i cant check their names I think one of them was textureshock

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