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Am I allowed permission in Minecraft


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Am I allowed permissions in Minecraft as when all my items got destroyed by a bug I didn't get them back so I was wondering could I get permission to use Gamemode creative to get some of my items back as most of the staff are busy with other things and normally don't spawn the item I lost in as they think i'm lying.

So could I get the permission to spawn most of my items back please just for like a month or so to make sure i fully have my items, it would be much appreciated.

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Sorry, but only staff have the ability to spawn in items without tags that can be used for refunds. 
For staff it is common practice not to refund directly ingame as we require a refund request on the forum in order to do one, as it acts as a public record for the refunds you have requested and if someone were to abuse said system it is very easy for us to follow the breadcrumbs.

This, and the fact that it forces the player to make a defined list of items lost instead of just listing things off the top of their heads, that also helps combat abuse.


I don’t see that you have any active refund request, so is it possible you mistook our common practice for them being busy? Nevertheless, it is just one post away and staff will get to it when there’s time.


Make a new post in this section: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/363-technical-support/

And follow this template:



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