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Griefed & Raided...


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So... I hop on and see that I was griefed and raided. Most damage is to me ME Storage site at my base. Disconnected and some broken. Bits and parts to my base are also destroyed, assuming it was explosive related (They even got my ghast spawn farm ?, ruthless).

I only have 3 people added to my town: YourFavDev, Jaruso, and Dabe. None of which did it. Yesterday there was a guy by the name of Sarlron that had somehow found me and was killing both Dev and I in the town with unstable ingots. Dragon_Slayer was on at the time and was dealing with him. Could be him but not sure. Possible for a rollback or something? Not touching anything so you can assess for yourselves.

Thanks for the help in advance ?


Your one and only,

BP <3



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