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refund request Funwitit


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Your Name:  Funwitit
Item Name + Amount: Flamed Dragonbone Halberd vampirism 2 education 3 advanced mending supreme sharpness 3 and unbreaking 3 those where the enchants on it
Coordinates: I teleported back home since the server was restarting and could no tp back after to get coordinates
Description of Issue: Hey so ive been playing on yalls server for a couple of weeks now and today while I was doing a dungeon my flamed dragonbone halberd fell onto the ground in a fight. I Had tried to grab it but before I could it just vanished. I cleared all the mobs and dug around the drop site and could not find it at all the enchants I had on it where combat veterancy 1 supreme sharpness 3 vampirism 2 education 3 and advanced mending. My name is Funwitit and im on the RLcraft server. I do not have any proof of me having or dropping it unfortunately but I would love to get a reply as soon as possible so I can get back into clearing dungeons. if a rollback is needed the time was around 3:20 pm on 6/26/2020 the server just restarted so I cant find the coordinates of where I was.  This is a copy and paste from my the forum I sent this under.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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