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[Inventory Rollback Request] Goldynden


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IGN: Goldynden

Coordinates: No clue ?

Time: 4:30PM EST, June 1st

Description: I found a nether portal in raid and decided to go through in order to mine quartz and farm vapula. Partway through I was disconnected for an io.netty exception (server has gone through an exceptional amount of restarts today..) and upon reconnecting, took 30+ seconds to load into the world again, leaving my toon to get killed by the mobs there. Before I could do the /back command, the server has restarted, causing me to lose the position. I have no way to ever get back to them unless I could just randomly stumble upon the portal again while wandering in raid again. 


Edit (7/2): Death Scroll just takes me back to my claim. There is no way to find the items.

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