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Rollback Request: Cheetech


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Your Name: Cheetech
Coordinates: 3463 67 -1572
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4:30 EST 7/2/2020
Description of Issue: While being pestered and slain by another player, my grave was broken directly prior to ClearLag going off, deleting a majority of my possesions, of a number that I can't recall them all for a refund request.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hi, only a couple of items were missing, and a couple were things I barely recovered as the clearlag went off. Luckily, my Wand and Foci Pouch were two things i managed to pick up when the clearlag went off, and i set them aside. Any other items made between my rollback point and my accident are easily replaceable. I thank you for your time!


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