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Command Request

Mr X

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Account Name: LukeSavv
Rank: Sponsor+
Requested Commands^: //wand /Skull /summon /time set /enchant (5 commands)
Reason for Request*: 

//wand for clearing out small areas for my base or to fill in any holes that are around, Or to make a platform for my base/town (Needed)

/skull for decoration purposes (Mostly just want my favourite s mods ;) on our town entrance lmao)

/summon (So because my whole team are creative mode accessable i can summon us the mobs we need/i need for the materials so we dont need to spawn every item in)

/time set (Will change time if the rest of the players dont mind (will ask them first) if they say no ill leave it

/enchant (So i can speed up my tools a bit)

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The summon command is not given out to players due to bypasses/trolling.

The others have been added.

Please note all usage of WorldEdit is recorded, any abuse will result in removal and further command requests will be denied.

The time command, please do not spam it, it will annoy players.

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