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can't get my backpacks out of my me system

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i was trying to get my backbacks with the names Rock Crystals out of my me system, but everytime i try it, it kicks me from the server and says it uses too much bytes...
both backpacks are filled with rock crystals that were mined in the twilight..
is there a way to get them out of my me system without kicking everytime or are they all lost? i just ask before i might try to write a refund request or have to farm it all again.

my ME coordinates: x 13054 z -7423 y 1

2020-07-19_02.58.40vpkfb.png 2020-07-19_03.00.41wekrg.png

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thx de4d for your help, now i have the backpacks in a chest and learned never put backpacks into a ME system, until they're empty...

how i did this (for ppl with same problem): i got a export bus + 3 acceleration cards + fuzzy card + chest to my ME, opened the export bus and putted another backpack in the middle slot, then choosed "match any" and it threwed the backpacks into a chest.

problem solved, can be closed.



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