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Rollback Island

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Your Name: Wargon
Island Owner Name:  Wargon
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  Romania at Eastern European Time (EET) GMT +03:00 i think at 24.07.2020 - 19:00 everything it was fine...i think..i don't rember when i left and everything was fine
Description of Issue: Well when i left last day everything was alright, later on i rejoined the server and i wanned to finish all the sapplings or a big part of them but when i wanned to take the items from my chests i had no chests anymore....when i asked people what happened they told me smth about some duped keys and items that got deleted by admins. But the problem is, when i joined the server i voted(5keys) + i got help from players srholland or smth like that + 2 more players that are legit normal players, they tpa to me i tp to them we saw each other bases etc. The point is one of these 3 persons gave me 32 vote keys, from these 37-40 keys i got 7 legendary keys, someone gave me a few more like 3legend keys so let's say 10 and 1-2 mystical i don't remeber exactly. The point is that i opened the legend and the mystical and ofc i got rerolled and got from a mystical crate lots of legends... but overall i haven't opened tons of legend/mystical crates because guess what...i know what is duped or not, me personally i have a long "love"story with these cheaters on the comunity and you can ask Mike and any other staff from the Tekkit what happened to me bcs i always called the admins when smth "wilde" happened... Going back to my story, these chests that have been removed contained items that took me a fully day of work , saplings, ingots etc. and a few items from the legends and mystical crate that i opened + a few more items from the players who helped me ! Also !!!! I bought some items from the players of the server like ingots and an me system etc. and from spawn shop that also got deleted.... The thing is that in those chests were 95% worked items and 5% items from crates and it not ok at all that they were removed !!
Beside that yesterday i got stacks of legends/mystical keys(duped) and guess what i did...i placed them in my ender chest and i have not used them ! WHY ? Bcs i knew that they were duped and i knew where that it going to lead....so i got my chests removed and my items bcs i didn't wanna use them...lol...ok...
Screenshots (Optional): there is no need for a ss... 3 double chests were removed by someone that didn't even look inside of them i think...if you follow the whole story everything makes sense from my chests...

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One thing i forgot to mention is that if any of you will rollback don't rollback the entier base bcs today i managed to get back to where one of you as admin took away my items.So if you will rollback everything my items will be lost again...just rollback the center base where you spawn.. where are the ultimate furnaces

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  • Manager

Sorry but the closest backup available (2pm your time) didn't have the chests yet and in the next one (2am your time) the chests had already been removed. So please, list the important items that you lose and I'll refund them manually (as long as they aren't legendary crate rewards)

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Ohh great...Well excuse me but i don't know the exact name of the items but i will try to explain them to you bcs it my first time on sf4.And i played a lot of tekkit so i use the tekkit names on the sf4....But i will tell you only the important

Well, i've had 3 - 16k Me storages with 1 me drive and 1 me crafting terminal 

1 stack of impulse itemducts(idk if this is the name, they are yellow and you can see trough them)

At least 4 stacks of seared bricks

Some kind of block that it used to grow crops rlly fast  x 2 (growth smth...)

I've had some seeds of some resources like iron/gold etc. But i don't remember what were they...i know only they were 4 type of seeds that were basics..

10x blue munch

A large backpack 

And idk what elese did i lost...tons of ingots and sapplings but i'm fine with what i have...only the items from ^ were important i think...

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