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[Refund Request] *Inertis*


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Your Name: Inertis
Item Name + Amount: 

  1. Lux Saber
  2. Reinforced Backpack (enchanted with Holding III) with:
    • 8 or 9 Mob Imprisonment Tools
    • Building Gadget
    • Remote Orderer (from Logistics Pipes)
    • Philosopher's Stone
    • Personal Shrinking Device
    • Thaumonomicon
    • Astral Sorcery's book with a couple constellation papers in it
    • More stuff i can't remember what it was

Coordinates: (-10423,90,13065)
Description of Issue: I was summoning wither skeletons to fill a Deep Mob Learning data model to get skulls later, but i died and the ONLY two items in my inventory that i attached a Spectral Anchor to just vanished (i noticed a while later when i went to use my building gadget). The spectral anchor is supposed to make items stay in one's inventory, not make them dissappear!

Also the items listed don't appear on the latest death list (i can't seem to make the command to get a previous list work)
Screenshots (Optional): I wish i had taken screenshots of the backpack's content as i don't remember everything it had in it

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