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[Refund Request] Rose000 (for Sardion)

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Your Name: Sardion
Item Name + Amount: One manyullyn sword, all parts manyullyn, modified with diamond. One manyullyn pickaxe, all parts manyullyn, also modded with diamond.  One manyullyn axe, all parts manyullyn, also modded with diamond. One diamond backpack, one stack of Air crystals, one stack of Earth Crystals, 16 fire crystals, 16 water crystals, 4 order crystals, 4 entropy crystals.
Full 3 layer smeltery setup. 3 drains, 3 faucets, 2 tanks, 2 casting tables, 1 casting table, 1 smeltery controller.
Coordinates: N/A
Description of Issue: Sardion Died from a cave spider and his grave was no where to be found. We don't remember the coords to where it was and everything in the above was all he could remember
Screenshots (Optional): 

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