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Game crashes when trying to join server


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Whenever I try to join the server the game crashes and gives me a java.lang.arrayindexoutofboundsexception 5 error. I've tried deleting my client and reinstalling and I've also tried using the craftersland launcher and it crashes every time. I can make and load a single player world but I can't join the server. I'll attach my crash report here.



Inventory Rollback post made.

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It was due to corrupted blocks in your area, they were removed. However trying to open your inventory results in similar crash with following details:

-- Item being rendered --
	Item Type: advsolar.common.items.ItemAdvSolarPanel@25a6159f
	Item Aux: 5
	Item NBT: {display:{Lore:[0:"§fSpawned in by: §5cvance2387"]},id:228s,Count:1b,Damage:5s}
	Item Foil: false

it points at an item with id 228:5 that you tried to spawn, but such item does not exist. 228 is advanced solar panel, 228:3 is quantum solar panel and 228:4 is uncraftable quantum generator.
You will have to ask for inventory rollback as there is no other way to remove the corrupted items from your inventory while you are offline.

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