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Stargates for Revelation


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Hello RevelCom,

So i love this one mod, Stargate Network, and i thought "Hey, why not suggest it?". @3XJ encouraged me to do so, so here it is.

But why do i suggest a mod that adds basicly another teleporter? Don´t we have enough TP-Machines allready? Well, no! Because stargates do not only teleport people, but even items. They can transfer arrows without loss of speed. They can easily connect multiple dimensions, as long as you build a stargate in it. Just choose the adress of the destination stargate and hop in. Well, after the so called "Kawoosh" is gone... the thing that comes out of a stargate if you activate it. It kills and destroys instantly.

Another challenging thing: The further away a stargate is, the more energy it needs to be activated. Use your selfmade energy, or use Naquadah, the mystic rare ore that is used for building and powering stargates.

Want a stargate in your secret base, but don´t want everyone to dial it and enter your base? Just build the Iris, the metal thingy that can shut the stargate. The gate can still be activated, but not entered. And everyone arriving at a shutted gate will die instantly, so pls warn people^^

So yeah, that´s why i suggest this mod. It´s cool, it´s awesome and challenging enough to not be this mainstream^^

Ah, @3XJ said i should let @brunyman take a look on my suggestion^^


Link to the mods page:


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That mod sounds cool, but this server runs the Revelation modpack (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-revelation) which has a predefined list of mods.
It appears as though the stargates mod needs to be installed on both the server and the client and as such would require all of our players to perform the additional installation.

We want players to be able to play on the server after installing the plain Revelation modpack, but if you have any suggestions for server-side only mods, we'll gladly hear them.

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