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Enabling the Thaumcraft creative book (Thaumanomicon Cheat Sheet)


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I would like to request the enabling of the Creative Thaumcraft research book that gives all of the research instantly. When you have played Minecraft for a long time and done the research countless times, it does become quite annoying and time consuming to do so... And because I have bought the Sponsor rank, I do have benefits within the game to spawn items and work a lot faster, and I would love to get the beneficial advantage within Thaumcraft as well!

I hope to get positive feedback!

Thank you.


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Hey 3XJ. 

I understand, as I spoke to a staff in the server about this. But I was wondering about what it takes to enable it? Because I asked the staff in the server and he told me to ask you, if it was possible or too much trouble to enable is for a sec, while I get all the research and then disable it again straight away! Of course, I do not believe that there is a chance for this request, but I wanted to ask anyways. :)

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