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Rollback Request


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Your Name:  Got_Donuts
Claim Owner Name:  Got_Donuts
Coordinates:  -1369, -3228, 72
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9/13/2020 6:50PM Est, not sure what time zone to use for this
Description of Issue:  I used a lumber axe on my tool chest and I lost everything within said chests, a rollback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
Screenshots (Optional):

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Rubber Soft Hammer

2x Bucket

Wrought Iron Hammer

Wrought Iron File

Wrought Iron Saw

Wrought Iron Wrench

Wrought Iron Screwdriver

Wrought Iron Wirecutter

Wrought Iron Mortar

6 x Diamond Hammers

Crescent Hammer

Yeta Wrench

Darnstadium Wrench

2 ender swords wife and I found in a chest


Cant recall other misc chest stuff, not a huge deal there are more chests in the world. Thanks in advance.


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