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[Claim Removal]*ArcaneADHD*


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[Claim Removal]*NameOfClaimOwner*

Your Name: ArcaneADHD
Claim Leaders Name: ArcaneADHD
Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: -2518 64 -2806) : 
Claim members: im the leader and owner just a few poeple there to manage it while i was off on pixelmon
Reason for request: want to restart everything i built/did 
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 


also i would like it wiped not just removed meaning everything in the claim destroyed for a complete restart

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ArcaneADHD, I've removed the claim and world edited it out to its normal state (except for the big Myrmex nest because I don't have the courage time for it) and also, I've deleted all your /homes. 

Also, please reply below if you would like me to /clearinventory your inventory and your ender chest.


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ok thanks so much again also yes please clear my inventory as well please also the myrmex isnt a nest because i hatched underground its literally a 4 room of stone i dug out no resin and no original nest structure that's generated when you put the egg down above ground


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