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[suggestion] Can we talk about these restarts?


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It seems like these restarts are happening more and more often lately across all servers. Would it be possible to have the restarts at static times? say once an hour on the hour? That was at least someone will know before they go to log in that hey it's almost 14:00 I should wait a few because the server is going to restart soon. There have been many instances where I log in and 30 secs later the server restarts and I know i'm not alone. This would really improve the quality of play for your members.

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The problem with the servers is that they restart when they see there are issues in the runtime. This means that the restarts would be useless if they happened at fixed times, because they could restart when there is no need, and when there is need for a restart, it wouldn't.

We know restarts are something everyone hates (even we hate them a lot), but its necessary they remain as they are.

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