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rollback request


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Your Name: googoobot21
Coordinates: blank
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  before 10:00pm 10/21/2020 time zone is mountain standard time.
Description of Issue: I logged on and found the death screen when I respawned it took me to the place I had last gotten off to. some of my stuff was there but not all since It had either despawned or gone to lag. This has happened before too not only to me but other players too.

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I will be honest I dont remember them all, the only things I remember are a stack of dragon scales (red and not a full stack it was like somewhere in the 50s) some emeralds I'm not sure ow many but more than a stack(normal emeralds not blocks), Some dragon bones(about 2-3 stacks of 16) and a fire dragon halbred that I had made and enchanted. Sorry if its a lot.

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