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[Refund Request] Lookchub


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Your Name: Lookchub
Base coordinates: Please put items in this chest at X 4920.300 / Y 65.87500 / Z -4625.156
Item Name + ID + Amount:

1 totemic rattle 

1 totemic jingle dress

1 totemic eagle bone flute

1 totemic book

1 Master wand

1 angel ring

About 30 osmium ore

Diamond helmet and leggings with protection 4 unbreaking 3

Ruby boots and chestplate

A torch launcher

2 golden lassos and 1 cursed lasso

5 machine chassis (why did i bring those to the beneath) XD

7 ender pearls

1 Me Controller

1 me crafting terminal and 1 storage bus

34 fluix

Note: I lost more stuff but I only care about this stuff

Description of Issue: I went to the beneath looking for osmium, where I died, I did /back and all of items despawned.... due to lag clear well except wood xDD
Screenshots (Optional): I don't have any screenshots cuz I didn't plan for this to happen.... i should really take em

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