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FTB Continuum Server WIPE is complete!


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Server address:  cont.craftersland.net


Server full WIPE is complete, all worlds have new map seeds generated and some tweaks and fixed based on suggestions posted on forum.

If you want your rank to be re-activated make a request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ 

Enjoy a fresh world, get your rockets ready! 


  • Full server WIPE
  • Generated new map seeds for all worlds
  • Patch for ThermalDynamics ducts
  • Added ruby at spawn shop
  • Increased chiselsandbits bag from 512 to 5000


Old Map Download link here:



Banned Items: HERE!

Live Map: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!



Modded Experts!


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