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Hello, good afternoon, there is something that happens in the pure survival server I want to report that xByrad a premium + killed me using gm1 things outside of warp pvp also killed me twice and harassed me outside my house with invisibility I hope they can help me.


And also you can return my things thanks.

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Hi, I just wanna say that first of all this player was killing innocent people many times, he was killing people that were starting in the pure survival so I get mad because this player doesn't want to return their 20 emerald that the server gives you at the begining so I kill him, another thing is that I wasn't in gm1, he's just saying that because he got mad becasue I kill him, also he thinks that he can kill everyone but if someones kill him he starts crying and he report you.

Hope you can see I wasn't in gm1, btw he doesn't even have proofs

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Hola, primeramente el reporte lo tienes que hacer en esta area https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ 

Segundo Para reportar a un jugador tienes que tener pruebas y no las tienes, solo acusas sin sentido y para poder poner un castigo tienes que tener capturas, algún vídeo o simplemente una prueba creíble

Como te dije anterior mente, ningún jugador sera castigado por falta de pruebas

Pd: te repito que los  reportes o cualquier otra cosa deben ser redactados en ingles..

Hello, first the report you have to do in this area

Second To report a player you have to have evidence and you do not have it, you only accuse nonsense and in order to impose a punishment you have to have captures, a video or simply a credible evidence

Note: I repeat that the reports or anything else must be written in English. 

Have a nice day :D 

Please the a superior close the topic.



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