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[Refund Request] KazTeko


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Your Name: KazTeko
Item Name + Amount:
 From What I can remember
2 of the Animal Things Gives Eggs
The one you get nether star and end start
a unstable ingot
2 of the monster hunter things that give blaze rods etc
1 money chest(I think I got this still don't see why I shouldn't have i have like 2,500.00 Balance)
2 Neutronium Ingots

the diamond one u get like i think it was 8 diamonds

ender  crystal 

the exp bottle one had like half a stack

and a few of the ingot ones I know one was iron and nickel but I'm not sure cant remember if the rest was ingots or not going by what i can remember,
also all the starting gear the books the lunchbox
Description of Issue:  I Voted For The Server 5 Times The Moment I Joined, Got The 20 Keys Or How Ever Many It Was Used The Keys Got 2 Legendary Keys + Items Use Legendary Keys Got Items Did /is create It Teleported Me To The Island, I Lost Everything Even The Starter Books, Food Brief Case Thing, I Don't mind just doing all my keys again if that's easier 

Screenshots (Optional):

2020-11-13 21_48_39-Window.png

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