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[Inventory Rollback Request] WolfiFuur


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Your Name: WolfiFuur
Coordinates: -564 , 66 , 2942
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6:05PM Pacific Time , 11/22/2020
Description of Issue: Died during the "HellFury" event on the server, did /back to get my stuff and clearlag hit just as I was trying to pick it all up.
Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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Items lost to the clear lag:
Baubles: Ender Queen's Crown, Stone of the Sea, Ring of Faries, Potion Ring of Regeneration, Toolbelt, Dragon's Eye
Armor: Fully enchanted level 30+ red dragon scale armor
Weapons: Flamed Dragon Bone Raiper & Dragon Bone Longbow (Both fully enchanted)
Tools: Iron Paxel, diamond hoe, and Geonarch Claw / Arm "crafted tool"


Edit: I worded something wrong...

Edited by WolfiFuur
Wrong wording
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