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Claim Rollback - Added information


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Recently there was a series of claim rollbacks due to lycanites random event trashing a lot of basses. Mine was one of them. At the time of the request I had not realized it would also reset all items in all chests as well.


That being said. I think it would be very helpful to add a note for the claim rollback template suggesting that no new items be store or removed from the claim being rolled back with the warning that any items added between the request time, and the roll back, will be lost. A note to use a separate claim for temporary storage would be a good idea.

This will help resolve issues of follow up item replacement requests since a day or multiple days worth of work could be lost due to this small oversight by the player.

A similar note could be good for the inventory rollbacks since a similar situation can happen. Reminding people not to log off with items on themselves since they may be wiped by the reset.



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