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A minor suggestion regarding daily purchase


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First off I wanna say I love the server been here for a week and purchased two ranks for me and one for my girl (on top of a few other minor things) to support the server and of course for the little benefits :)

However I have a minor complaint. The daily reward item from the shop being 24hrs to purchase sucks. It should be 20-22hrs to give some leeway. There is no possible way to make that purchase at the same time every day. Inevitably your going to push yourself back on that time 5 min here an hour there and not be able to get it. If it was 20hrs we would have some leeway and it would still only end up being bought once a day. I really feel this would go a long way towards making for a more satisfied player base as it puts less duress on us to be here at exactly the same time each day to make our daily purchase at the same time and still feel messed up because we missed it by five minutes.

Another option would to make it have a hard reset at a specific time each day say at noon it resets then people would still only be able to get it once per day and wouldn't need to feel that same duress.


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