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[Buycraft Issue] LiaW72


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[Buycraft Issue]LiaW72

In game name: LiaW72
Proof of Purchase:

Verwendungszweck 1: xhtml-filler?rzbk=1401&rzid=XC&style=bvr w237598282 Order w237598282
Verwendungszweck 2: xhtml-filler?rzbk=1401&rzid=XC&style=bvr TAN1:166868 EREF: w2375982
Verwendungszweck 3: xhtml-filler?rzbk=1401&rzid=XC&style=bvr 82 Order w237598282 IBAN: P
Verwendungszweck 4: xhtml-filler?rzbk=1401&rzid=XC&style=bvr T50003501270005986653048 BI
Verwendungszweck 5: xhtml-filler?rzbk=1401&rzid=XC&style=bvr C : CGDIPTPLXXX

Description of Issue: I didn´t receive the rank upgrade.
Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 26/11/2020 ca.21:00 GMT+1
Items/Rank Bought: RLCraft Sponsor
Screenshots (Optional):
Any other important information:

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  • LiaW72 changed the title to [Buycraft Issue] LiaW72
  • Manager

It looks like the package went through. However, it wasn't sent to "LiaW72" it was sent to "PandaMeow". Which if that isn't your name in the server then it won't go through. 

I updated the package, you should get Sponsor next time you log in.

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