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Refund Request


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Your Name: Minerpro205
Item Name + Amount: 

I had a lot of items, but these are the main ones I really care about.

  • Full set of draconic armor It was maxed out via draconic infusion upgrades, but I can get that back myself
  • Two emerald chickens So I can rebreed them and return my farm to normal
  • Draconic staff of power Also maxed out, but no major deal if it's default upon return
  • About half a billion EMC This is the part I'm most "iffy" about, it doesn't have to be returned, but I had it
  • A huge reactor (Extreme reactors, not draconic) So long as I have the basic parts to rebuild it, I can make it again myself
  • Draconic bow As you guessed, maxed out
  • Transmutation tablet
  • 11.2k in wallet money I was a few days away from buying a creative battery, so I hope this can be returned
  • 9 chaotic draconic infusers Really annoying to get, so I hope these can also be returned
  • Six stacks of cryo-stabilized fluxducts Again annoying to get, not required to be returned, I just hope they are
  • "Takes money to make money" quest I obviously had a lot more unlocked, this is just the main one I wish to be re-unlocked
  • Energy collectors MK2/Dark-matter relay MK3 I only want one of each so I can EMC them, they are just annoying to craft, but I haven't gotten to MK3 for collector yet

That is all I mainly care about, I am likely forgetting some things, but if so then they probably aren't terribly important. I understand it may not be 100% believable that I had all of this, but this is part of what I had before the sudo-restart, so I hope at least some items can be returned soon.


Edit: I should clarify, the armor had maximum shield recovery, capacity, and RF storage. The staff of power had max damage, AOE on attacks, and RF capacity. So I shouldn't say they were 100% maxed out, because they were not.

Edit #2: I've stricken out items I've reobtained myself, so I do not need them back.

Coordinates:  Island coords: 17151 74 8447 - /is tp minerpro205
Description of Issue:  Requested refund of major items due to server reset bug.
Screenshots (Optional):  I wasn't expecting this to happen, so I have no screenshots, it's mostly a trust thing, I can demonstrate I know how to use and obtain each item on the spot if that would be somewhat decent evidence.

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