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Spawn Killing (arfarfarfarf123)


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In-Game Nickname: arfarfarfarf123

Time and date: 11/28/2020 roughly 12-1pm pst

Description of what happened: 

Somebody killed a player in spawn arfarfarfarf123 killed them.
Somebody killed another player in spawn ImJesus74 killed them.

I realized what was going on and started typing in chat about no murdering in spawn.

ELIKERPRO99 killed somebody in spawn while I was typing arfarfarfarf123 killed ELIKERPRO99 in spawn again.

I addressed arf telling him the rules and directing him to the forums to report spawn killing, he proceeded to argue that it's not against the rules because it's "justice" this went on for a good long while with me arguing that spawn killing is never ok and him arguing it is because he's killing other spawn killers it's ok as it's justice. 

At this point I realize that several of the people who were killed are claiming they are missing items and now thanks to the number of murders there's no real way to find out who took what. 

Also fairly certain that both the kills by arfarfarfarf123 and ImJesus74 were done with /fly on which is also not allowed.

Can we get a new sign in spawn that says no spawn killing or a ruling making it officially allowed? At the end of the day people aren't stopping and there's no obvious thing about it.

Screenshots or Proof: I have a couple but none that show anything useful my apologies. Screenshots were thought of as an after thought as I was trying to type the rules out and argueing with arf about the fact that he's not damn well Batman when he's breaking rules to gank rule breakers.

List of eyewitnesses: TheQuitten, Shulker5, ImJesus74, arfarfarfarf123, craftmaster66 (all in-game names and I have no broached them on if they will act as witnesses) and somebody named Pwincess#0387 in Discord. Also I'm not sure how much attention any of them were actually paying.

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