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[Claim Rollback Request for Sielanka]


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before i begin with the template, he is inactive atm cause he's working and has no time to play atm.

i saw his base got destroyed from someone with chance cubes, but i don't know when, so i hope you can find a working backup from the last 3 months from now on.

Your Name: Undertakerin but it's for Sielanka
Coordinates: x 1274, z 4593
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): idk when it happened, so i can't answer -.-
Description of Issue: someone destroyed his base with chance cubes before they were disabled in the overworld
Screenshots (Optional): https://abload.de/img/2020-12-02_22.53.01a8jmk.png

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