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Dupps and Bugabuse


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I want to report the player "jeremaiso" and "jeancarlos_14uwu", first to jeremaiso for using dups "he used a blaze rod" and he killed xByrad with one blow and later I was questioning him because we suspected of that and he did not want to hit me at first. mi, but xByrad attacked him and you could see exactly the rod when he murdered him, and he reported jean for bugabuse "immortality", he attacked users and killed them, he suspected of dupps potions but according to him, he claimed a bug



Illegal items : xByrad (reddit.com)



Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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I just wanna  say that I recorded this video because 1. he killed me before this video 2. I already know that they had illegal items so I wanna show to the staff 3.This type of players that need to have illegal items to kill players need to have permanent ban and just by the way they killed more people and they they their stuff so they are killing people with illegal items also I never destroy any block from their house just need to see the video

I kill people too, to be honest, but in my case, I dont have to use illegal items.

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