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[Lesclavagiste] Inventory Rollback Request


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Your Name: Lesclavagiste
Coordinates: 1927, 57, -164
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 15:30 UTC+1 
Description of Issue: I accidentally delete my inventory when i was in creative mod, i was building a big place. Then the server lag as hell, when i try to delete some coblestone of my inventory and instead of just delete the soblestone it delete all my inventory, Im so mad can you please help. I saw the rules and I notice that the wiped inventory of the creative mod isn’t possible to claim back but, if you can do an exception it would make mes really happy ?. I just would be honest.
Screenshots (Optional):

Edited by Lesclavgiste
More precision and admit that we Cannot recover inventory after the creative wiped, after I read the rules
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