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[Refund Request] kwekman


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Your Name: kwekman
Item Name + ID + Amount: Enchanted dragons scale armour and a set of dragons bone tools, all the armor with with protection 5 unbreaking 5,thorns 5, mending, unstable 1, last stand 2, vitae 5, all the tools with mending and unbreaking 5

helmet: aqua affinity, respiration 1, ender eyes, veteran 

chest plate: vigor 4, unstable 3

leggings: swift 4

boots: multi jump 3, nimble 6, depth strider, feather falling, frost walker 3

pick: ifrits grace, efficiency 5, fortune 5, sages blessing, range 4 

axe: sages blessing, amileorated sharpness 5, efficiency 5, fortune 5

greatsword: climate tranquility 3, living, fire aspect, looting ten, sages blessing, runed 3, swift blade, spartan weapon 4, knockback 3 

shu's breath: ender mending, flame, infinity, power 5

shield: knockback 3, spikes 3

Base coordinates: -4557.5,68,-4011.5
Description of Issue: so there was a rollback request i forgot to close, and the cause of that was that all my stuff got sent back to when i had diamond gear. i tried to have the rollback undone, and all that did was, once again, give me the diamond stuff. my issue is that the enchantments on my dragon scale gear are precious, so even just enchanted books with all the enchants would be good, since i have more than enough gear to make the dragon scale stuff 
Screenshots (Optional): 

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also just now, i was stuck in a boss fight from chance cubes, i punched the pig of destiny to end the fight, and all my armor got deleted. i got everything back but the armour. Its very annoying that this keeps happening. i got everything back, including my baubles, but the armour went poof



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