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[Item Refund Request] Scriding


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************Edited to ask for less things and to remove the request of a rollback



Your Name: Scriding
Item Name + Amount:  

Enderium - 6k

Nametags - 12

Division Sigil - 5

Reusable Net (Witch) - 1

Quantum dust - 500

Legendary Keys - 50

Crate Keys - 250


Coordinates:  1023, -3731
Description of Issue:  Someone somehow placed ME cables inside of my claim that connected to an Access terminal on the outside of the claim.  They basically emptied my ME system. 

The open spot in my claim was 2-3 blocks away from the wilderness so they broke stone blocks to gain access to then place ME cables.  Not sure how to prevent this from happening in the future.
Screenshots (Optional): 
I don't have screenshots of the items stolen but can have multiple people vouch for me if needed. I do however have screenshots of the ME cable and Access Terminal that was left behind.

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