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Unban Gonzogongas


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[1] In-Game Username:

- Gonzogongas -
[2] Details of Situation:

- I was banned in 10/01/21, around 4:00 Am, without a warning and with a "- You just answeared your own question" and "You know what you did" when I asked why was I banned in a technical support chat, wich is sadly unclear and vague for such a straightforward punishment. (also came to know by a 3rd player that my claims were to be wipped clean, me being one of the most, to not say the most active player at the moment).

When I was advised by 3rd mod to get in touch via pm with the ban applier, the proof print screen showed several stacked keys that ranged from vote crate keys to mystical crate keys, keys that were given to me by a player named SpongeCog in december of 2020. At first glance I thought it to be an old player with no use for repetitive drops from the crates, until I started to suspect him when he "/market add" several resonant strongboxes containing stacks of mystical keys. At the time I print screened the market and reported this situation directly to the server owner, with no feedback. Those very keys were later on purchased by players as they would come online.

[3] Ban Category:

-Duping/Exploiting bugs-

[4] Ban Duration:

- From 10/01/2021 to 12/01/2021 -

[5] Staff Member:


Karpouzas12 [Mod] [GT:NH/ULR]


[6] ScreenShots:

- Staff approach https://ibb.co/CsqGMGc -

- Market Keys https://ibb.co/Cs7bfgf - 

- Ban message https://ibb.co/Wnchght - 


[7] Your Reason:

- Im new to minecraft overall, this is the very first server im playing in. I dont know any dupes,  im not interested in that whatsoever. | I didnt sell or handed those keys to any other player wich is stated as a rule. Other players bought those keys, the issue might persist.-

As mitigators:

-The issue was reported at the time by me based on my newbie suspicion that Spongecob mightve been a hacker, as stated above, with no feedback. Doesnt make those keys legitim but sure helps making my suspicions on it to be wrong. -

-Ive been actively server voting and engaged in the community by helping new players to get through the same issues that I did when I first got into the server (claim system/basic commands/how to get started in the modpack among other things)-

- I didnt dupped any item or performed any glitch, I limited myself to take and use what was given to me, that so being banned and possible claim resetted, as rumours statted, it´s a huge hit on my reputation and credibility among the community.

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