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[Refund Request] HansSamuel


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Your Name: HansSamuel
Item Name + Amount: 
1 Creative Watering Can

1 Custom Made Katana (1 Supremium Large Sword Blade, 1 Black Quartz Large Sword Blade, 1 Living Wood Tough Tool Rod, 1 Refined Obsidian Tough Binding, Quartz Blocks to Sharpness 2) 
1 Custom Made Pickaxe (1 Alumite Pickaxe head, 1 Living Wood Tool Rod, 1 Obsidian Binding, Lapis Blocks to Luck 3)
Coordinates: 2234, 41, -2811
Description of Issue: 
These items have been found missing after a server reset happening just around 9 pm GMT+8. I do not have visual proof of the tools being made, but I do have proof of having used the creative watering can. If you require it, I can show you in person.

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