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Inventory rollback


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Your Name: Slov3s
Coordinates: 1435 5547
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): January 15th around 21:50 Timezone: Brazil GMT-3
Description of Issue: Me and a friend were fighting amalgalich(it had manticore texture and hitbox) and then i suddenly died, did /back to grab some stuff but when i returned to grab the left stuff i died and everything despawned

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Only a gamble pick(Adv eff 5, adv mend, unb 3 and fortune 3) and 2 stacks of emeralds are missing rn, nothing that important but i would like to have my items from yesterday, i logged off the server at 23:12-22:13(GMT-3) but if possible it would be better checking my inventory from an hour later just incase i stored any item in a chest before leaving

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