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[Chunk Rollback Request]RaivisM


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Your Name: RaivisM
Coordinates: x=-1, z=-1 till x=-31 z=-31
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine, including timezone) (day/month/year): 22-Jan-2021 18:00 GMT+2
Description of Issue: server reseted spawn regin and killed corner of my base
Screenshots (Optional):

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i Got the stuff back also did 2 of moderators restored at different times cause first i saw some older save where pretty much like 4 roguelike loot what i explored was lost but then you restored to newer one where i got there loot back
Only somewhat important thing i know i lost is 2 unstable ingot blocks (its pretty much legal xray for caves and dungen finding XD)
also lost 1 sigil but it had like zero uses left so its fine and probobly some random junk what dosnt matter

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